Economic Challenges of Ukraine and Moldova on the way to EU

  • Anul:November 2015
  • Organizația:EAP - Civil Society Forum
  • Rubrica:Association Agreement
  • Limba:English, Русский
  • Pagini:28
  • Autor:Dovile Sukyte, Victoria Bucătaru, Simonas Cepenas, Hennadyi Maksak, Svetlana Rogov, Iurii Vdovenko

Sursa primară

The study is a result of the Capacity Building for Moldovan and Ukrainian NGOs to Assess the Economic Impact of Politically Motivated Actions project made possible by the re-granting mechanism of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum. In addition, the study is based on the results of three study tours to Lithuania, Moldova and Ukraine, during which have been conducted several meetings and interviews with policymakers, diplomats, civil society experts and representatives of business community.