Dismantling the myths about Moldova’s trade failures after implementing the Association Agreement

  • Anul:February 2017
  • Organizația:Expert-Grup
  • Rubrica:Association Agreement
  • Limba:Română, English, Русский
  • Pagini:11
  • Autor:Adrian Lupușor, Vadim Gumene

Sursa primară:www.expert-grup.org

The following analysis aims to clarify some aspects reflected in the analysis ”Republica Moldova. Doi ani de la semnarea Acordului de Asociere cu UE” [eng. “Republic of Moldova. Two years after signing the Association Agreement with the EU”], published on the personal blog of the President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, and to present the Expert-Grup’s counterarguments. The experts presented their opinion on the statistical interpretations related to the development of the foreign trade after signing the DCFTA (EU-Republic of Moldova Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement), avoiding biased geopolitical speculations and visions.