DCFTA Communication Plan

The Association Agreement marks, unquestionably, a new higher quality level in bilateral relations between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union. This will allow a wider opening of the European market for Moldovan products and will involve a comprehensive process of modernization of state institutions and will contribute to improving the welfare of the country. A central provision of the Association Agreement is the creation of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) with the EU involving mutual elimination of barriers to bilateral trade. DCFTA advantages are related to increased access of Moldovan producers on the EU market, but also in other markets as Community standards are recognized worldwide. However, the liberalization of imports will increase competition on the Moldovan internal market, which ultimately will help reduce prices and increase the diversity and quality of products. Along with the improvement of investment attractiveness, welfare and the competitiveness of Moldovan economy will increase.

A new stage began with the entry into force of the Association Agreement on September 1, 2014, accompanied by new challenges and opportunities for the Republic of Moldova. In this regard, has been prepared two communication plans in order to disseminate information to a number of identified target groups on the implementation of DCFTA: challenges, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses.

DCFTA Communication Plan for 2015, English Version: communication-plan-2015.pdf

DCFTA Communication Plan for 2016, Romanian Version: communication-plan-2016.pdf