QI Project - Consultancy Support for up to 75 Moldovan SMES

QI Project - Consultancy Support for up to 75 Moldovan SMES
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The EU-funded technical assistance project - Support to the Quality Infrastructure Framework within a DCFTA Context in the Republic of Moldova (known, in short, as the QI Project) – is working with up to 75 Moldovan SMEs, providing support aimed, in part, at enhancing their capacities to export into the EU, taking advantage of the tariff benefits of DCFTA, but also helping some smaller companies expand their penetration into the domestic marketplace.

After a series of diagnostic surveys to assess what support companies really needed, the consultancy programme will go live in October 2019 and last through to the end of May 2020. Support will be in the form of workshops backed up with face-to-face coaching from a team of experts assembled by the QI Project. 

Participating companies now also have access, through this website, to a range of technical support. By following a simple set of instructions shown in a window on this website https://dcfta.md/faq_form, those companies can now register a question which will be forwarded, online, to the relevant agency or institute which can provide appropriate an answer. This, therefore, links the businesses directly to the bodies which can help guide them through the numerous technical issues relating to, say, conformity assessment and licensing, they may face during the exporting process. 

Please note that, at this stage, only participating companies can use this facility. However, for all companies there is a very useful FAQ section in this website, containing answers to questions which have been raised recently by companies with which different EU-funded projects have cooperated.

QI Technical Assistance Team