Trade Sector Briefs

The EU-Moldova cooperation has grown substantially in recent years both in terms of financial support and in regards to the nature of cooperation. Trade relations between the EU and the Republic of Moldova especially represent an important factor in economic growth of the country, where the European Union (EU) has progressively become Moldova’s main trade partner for both imports and exports.

The present series of Trade Sector Briefs seeks to contribute actively to the development and dissemination of knowledge concerning the role of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) in the country since the Association Agreement (AA) implementation. The publication provides a comprehensive overview and brings together the results of key trade sectors of the Moldovan economy surveying: (1) Agriculture, (2) Financing, Banking and Insurance Services, (3) Geographical Indications, (4) Competition and State Aid and (5) Light Industry. It follows a structure that gives the opportunity to any reader to understand the existing developments and trends as well as the steps that would need to be undertaken in a specific sector.

The production of the publication is a joint activity between the EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova, the European Business Association (EBA) of Moldova and the EU-funded project “Support to the DCFTA process in the Republic of Moldova.”

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