Moldova’s Priority Reform Action Roadmap – Key measures until 31 July 2016

“Moldova’s Priority Reform Action Roadmap – Key measures until 31 July 2016” was submitted to the 14 March 2016 meeting of the EU-Moldova Association Council in Brussels by the Prime Minister, Pavel Filip.

The present Roadmap provides a comprehensive list of measures, stakeholders’ engagement and calendar to address the challenges highlighted within the European Union Foreign Affairs Council Conclusions from 15 February 2016 and by other development partners for development, as well as responding to the expectations of the people of the Republic of Moldova. These reforms are necessary to ensure stability, restore cooperation with IMF and other development partners and implement the EU-Moldova Association Agreement.

The Roadmap was discussed within the Government Commission for European Integration. It was developed on the basis of the letter of Prime-minister Filip addressed to President Juncker (from 5 February) and comes as a follow up to the meeting of the MFA Minister Galbur with Commissioner Hahn (on 8 February).

The Roadmap shapes a dynamic and committed response to the current social-political and economic crisis, and is not replacing the existent EU-Moldova strategies and policy documents. The immediate goal is to lay a solid legislative and institutional foundation, as well as mobilise the necessary political will and external support for decisive reforms.

With regard to the timeframe it should be taken into account that some of the laws are already included in the agenda of the Parliament and will be discussed shortly, others are being drafted and will be presented for adoption in the coming weeks. As a general commitment - the executive and legislative authorities aim at fulfilling most of the measures stipulated below by the end of July 2016.

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